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influencer outreach | campaign management
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Tech 21 | evo check Influencer campaign

Tech21 we're launching 3 new cases and wanted to team up with key influencers to support the product launch and drive awareness for the brand. 

•  Promoting the Evo Check fashion case range:

Evo Check Active Edition, Evo Check Lace  Edition and Evo Check Urban Edition

• Targeting the US market utilising US based content creators / influencers

• Campaign focused around creating high quality shareable content

The Campaign | #tech21OOTD

- Identifying influencers in each case category (Active, Lace and Urban)

- Influencer fee negotiation 

- Campaign planning and post scheduling

- Content and caption approval 

- Reporting 

Influencers involved: 4


Reach: 368,500+

Engagement: 7,380

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